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Congratulations to our 2018/2019 Winners!

May 2019 Draw

Trip Winner:  Brenda Pentland  (ticket sold by Rotarian Tammy Jeffrey-Larder)
$200 Cash Winner:  Michaela Bartram (ticket sold by Rotarian Ted Comiskey)
$100 Cash Winner:  Scott MacIntosh  (ticket purchased online at )

April 2019 Draw
Trip Winner:  Mary French  (ticket sold by Rotarian Ted Comiskey)
$200 Cash Winner:  Leanne Jensen (ticket sold by Rotarian Ann Lofthouse)
$100 Cash Winner:  Cecil Avey (ticket purchased online at )

March 2019 Draw
Trip Winner:  Brigette Kaufman
(ticket sold by Rotarian Tammy Jeffrey-Larder)
$200 Cash Winner: Brad and Cindy Lightheart
(ticket purchased at Ingersoll Pharmasave)
$100 Cash Winner: Tom Farlow (ticket sold by Rotarian Don Campbell)

February 2019 Draw
Trip Winner:  Bonnie Wludyka
$200 Cash Winner: Mary Lou Schlimme
$100 Cash Winner: Paul and Christy

January 2019 Draw
Trip Winner:  Angela Elliott
$200 Cash Winner: Karen Funnell
$100 Cash Winner: Ruth Matheson

December 2018 Draw
Trip Winner:  Don Fulkerson
$200 Cash Winner: Dave Swatridge
$100 Cash Winner: Rob Gold

November 2018 Draw
Trip Winner: Jacqueline Stewart
$200 Cash Winner: Henri Savard
$100 Cash Winner: Gareth Harris

October 2018 Draw
Trip Winner: Brenda McLelland
$200 Cash Winner: Cheryl Butterworth
$100 Cash Winner: Kelly MacDonald

September 2018 Draw
Trip Winner: Pam Gillespie
$200 Cash Winner: Clayton Harmer
$100 Cash Winner: William Millions

August 2018 Draw
Trip Winner: Cristal Saunders
$200 Cash Winner: Tammy Jeffrey
$100 Cash Winner: Linda Sabot

July 2018 Draw
Trip Winner: Bob Armstrong
$200 Cash Winner: Susan Butler
$100 Cash Winner: Fred Otten

June 2018 Draw
Trip Winner: Terry Kratz
$200 Cash Winner: Doug Crockett
$100 Cash Winner: Wayne Zavitz

May 2018 Draw

Trip Winner: Dale Flynn
$200 Cash Winner:  Megan Nicholls
$100 Cash Winner: Harry Traini

April 2018 Draw

Trip Winner: Anita Hartfield
$200 Cash Winner:  Stewart Bradley
$100 Cash Winner: Deb Bomans

March 2018 Draw

Trip Winner: Brenda Molnar
$200 Cash Winner:  Rachel Wathy
$100 Cash Winner: Leanne Jensen

Congratulations to our 2017/2018 Winners!

February Draw

Trip Winner: Dave Eisen
$200 Cash Winner:  Rob DiValenti
$100 Cash Winner: Donna Wilson

January Draw

Trip Winner: Adam Richards
$200 Cash Winner:  Don Fulkerson
$100 Cash Winner: Karen McKay-Funnell

December Draw

Trip Winner: Christine Small
$200 Cash Winner:  Christine Tucker
$100 Cash Winner: Dan Prouse

November Draw

Trip Winner: Duane Paton
$200 Cash Winner:  Ann Lofthouse
$100 Cash Winner: Don Campbell

October Draw

Trip Winner: Kari Feick
$200 Cash Winner:  Alan Bruno
$100 Cash Winner: Ruth Matheson

September Draw

Trip Winner: Doug Ledgley
$200 Cash Winner:  Peter Noll
$100 Cash Winner: Corry Ricciuto

August Draw

Trip Winner: Bruce Richards
$200 Cash Winner:  Jim and Joan Pearson
$100 Cash Winner: Claude Lauzon

July Draw

Trip Winner: Dorie and Ralph Scheffler
$200 Cash Winner:  Terry Bushell
$100 Cash Winner: Elaine Gallagher

June Draw

Trip – Sue and Pete Reintjes
$200 Cash Prize – Suzanne Charbonneau
$100 Cash Prize – Cheryl Barr

May Draw

Trip – Cathy Kindree
$200 Cash Prize – Terri Allen
$100 Cash Prize – Paul Pringle

April Draw
Trip – Ryatt Durmont
$200 Cash Prize – Marcy Patterson
$100 Cash Prize – Stephanie Starchuck

March Draw
Trip – Todd Ross
$200 Cash Prize – Katie Cunnington
$100 Cash Prize – David Adcock

Congratulations to our 2016/2017 Winners!

February 1st Draw
(final draw for this year)
Trip Winner – Darcy Smith
$200 Cash Prize – Jordan Lavin
$100 Cash Prize – Claude Lauzon

January 1st Draw
Trip winner – Alan Bruno
$200 Cash Prize – Nancy Amos
$100 Cash Prize – Sherry Dixon – Evans

December 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Lorna Collins
$200 Cash Prize – Jack Habkirk
$100 Cash Prize – Don Douglas

November 1st Draw
Trip Winner – John Stewart
$200 Cash Prize – Ron Stetzl
$100 Cash Prize – Marta Shoemaker

October 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Shirley Hickey
$200 Cash Prize – Karen Costello
$100 Cash Prize – Steve Molnar

September 1st Draw 
Trip Winner – Derek and Laura Pardy
$200 Cash Prize – Elaine Swabzda
$100 Cash Prize – Linda Sabot

August 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Todd Stewart *
$200 Cash Prize – Tammy Hern
$100 Cash Prize – Erin Simmons

* As this is Todd Stewart’s 2nd trip win, according to our rules, he is no longer eligible for trip wins. 

July 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Pam Gillespie
$200 Cash Prize – Imelda Critch
$100 – Stuart Bentley

June 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Tracy Scott
$200 Cash Prize – Suni Ball
$100 Cash Prize – Rosemary George

May 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Mike Knox
$200 Cash Prize – Jodi Shorrock
$100 Cash Prize – Mike Turek

April 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Todd Stewart
$200 Cash Prize – Charles Mitchell
$100 Cash Prize – Erin Simmons

March 1st Draw
Trip Winner – Paul & Christy Benedict
$200 Cash Prize – Wendy Palen
$100 Cash Prize – Lisa Beckett

Thank you sincerely for your support – and good luck!

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